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Natural luxury


BudvaBlue has a construction area of 3266 m² on a 1597 m² land area. BudvaBlue has a total of 36 apartments with natural luxury, 16 of which are 2+1 and 20 of which are 1+1.

— Block A 2+1 8 Apartment

— Block A 1+1 16 Apartment

— Block B 2+1 8 Apartment

— Block B 1+1 4 Apartment

— Sunbathing Deck

— Bar-Barbeque

— Panorama Garden

— Hobby Garden

— Pet Garden

— Playground

— Fitness

— Reception

— Car Park


Sunbahthing Deck

BudvaBlue is a place where you can enjoy the silence among the chirping of birds. A life full of sun and light. Another beautiful day, Another beautiful night. You will watch the blue horizons of the Adriatic Sea while drinking your cold drinks from the deck sunbathing terrace.

A sweet breeze will accompany you while you enjoy the sun and water. Sunsets and night will give you romantic feelings.


Bar & Barbeque

BudvaBlue offers you the best view of the Budva while you can have a nice meal with your friends and family in the Bar & Barbeque area.

Urban design draws together the many strands of place-making, environmental stewardship, social equity and economic viability into the creation of places with distinct


Panorama Garden

A place to relax with the calming view of the Budva sea. The best spot to feel the summer breeze, where you can hear the birds sing and smell the ocean into you. BudvaBlue panaroma garden is the place to inspire the five senses of yours. Where you can taste the life.


Hobby Garden – Pet Garden

Think about a garden uniquely yours just behind your apartment. A garden that you can spend time with your pet and grow plants. BudvaBlue hobby and pet gardens are here to make dreams come true.


Playground for Children

While you can spend time in the Deck Terrace, our corner of wellness, your children can have fun in the playground.



BudvaBlue fitness center is always ready for your workouts and training sessions.



A stylish reception welcomes you at the entrance of BudvaBlue and the Business Center that use the computer and the internet connection during your stay.


Car Park

BudvaBlue has open and closed parking areas for each flat and guests.